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Jeff & Ace

What's up Squad?! Jeff & Ace here from Silver Squad. Ace and I enjoy hunting through circulated coins for silver, errors, varieties, foreign coins, and any other awesome coins we can find. We've been collecting Silver Bullion and searching coins for over 15 years and decided to share our love for the hobby with everyone on YouTube! We both also purchased Garrett AT MAX Metal Detectors and go out to metal detect on occasions, and recently started documenting our hunts. We both enjoy Gold Prospecting and panning, which is something new we're bringing to the channel soon!

Jeff originally grew up in Texas, and moved to Oregon in 2001 to pursue a career with one of the world's largest and most valuable semiconductor chip makers in the world: Intel Corporation. Jeff currently manages approximately 35 manufacturing and equipment technicians at Intel.

Ace grew up in Washington and also moved down to Oregon to pursue a career with Intel which is where we became friends. Since then, Ace and I grew our passion of Metal Detecting, Coin Roll Hunting, Silver Stacking, and Metal Pouring together with the creation of MySilverSquad!


My name is Derak aka DTsilvercoinhunter. I grew up in New Hampshire, and moved from the NYC area many years ago. I moved to Georgia to start a family and have twin boys that are 31 years old and a daughter who is 29. My career path began with a 20-year run with Kimberly Clark where I retired back in 2004. Since then I have run restaurants for the last 15 years starting with Captain D's, and now I manage a $2-Million a year Arby's. During COVID, I got into coin collecting and streaming and its been a crazy ride since then. Brenda (my wife of nearly a decade) and I love traveling, dining out and family time.