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Precious Metals Consignment

Thank you for choosing Silver Squad, LLC. for your silver and gold bullion consignment needs. This page will help step you through our Precious Metals consignment process, from the initial audit to the agreement and submission forms. At anytime during this process, you can contact us immediately by e-mailing us at

Step-by-Step Consignment Process:

  1. To start your consignment journey, download, read, and follow directions in the Consignment Submission Form located here: Submission Form
  2. Since we have to verify each and every submission, download and fill out the Consignment Item List Excel file located here: Item List
  3. Send your filled out Consignment Item List Excel file to:
  4. Wait for us to get back to you with what we approve for consignment. You will get a reply back with the same file (Consignment Item List), but we will list a "yes" or "no" for each line item you plan on consigning.
  5. If you agree with what we will accept, finish completing the Consignment Submission Form and send an e-mail to to request your Consignment Agreement document.
  6. Once you receive the Consignment Agreement document, fill it out, sign it, and send it back to
  7. Once given permission, package and ship your cosignment items and include the Consignment Submission Form along with your package. It may be a good idea to make a copy of the submission form prior to sending it along with your package.
  8. That's it! We will take it from here, and you sit back and relax!