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YouTube Membership Changes

Effective September 3rd or 4th, 2022 - the MySilverSquad YouTube Memberships will change as follows: 

The Kraken Member and Kraken Officer tiers will no longer be available. All incentives for the Kraken Member tier will move to the Kraken First-Class member tier. All of the Kraken Officer incentives will move to either the Kraken Commander or Kraken Board Member tier. The Kraken Commander and Kraken Board Member tiers have even more perks added! The new Membership Tiers will be as follows:

1) Kraken First-Class - Cost: $3.99/mo

  • Green Username, Custom Loyalty Badge & Custom Emoji's!
  • More attention from the hosts during live streams!
  • Registered to bid in live stream auctions!
  • Access to Exclusive members-only videos & community posts!
  • First-Class Merch Discount (10% Off!)

2) Kraken Commander - Cost: $24.99/mo

  • All perks from the First-Class Membership Tier, plus:
  • Free Shipping on your treasure chest once per month!
  • Commander Recognition on Live Streams!
  • Commander Merch Discount (20% Off!)
  • Commander Channel & Discord Influencer!
  • Very Exclusive MySilverSquad Sticker every 3 months!
  • 10 Rolls Searched when picked during live streams!

3) Kraken Board Member - Cost: $49.99/mo

  • All perks from the Kraken Commander Tier, plus:
  • Does not have to be present for Live Stream Gifts!
  • Board Member Recognition on Live Streams!
  • Board Member Merch Discount (25% Off!)
  • Board Member Channel & Discord Influencer!
  • Invite to Exclusive Board Member meetings every month!
  • Exclusive Board Member Only Race every month!
  • 15 Additional Rolls Searched (total of 25 Rolls) when picked during live streams!

All current members will retain their membership perks until the change occurs in September. If your memberships has renewed and you still have days left on your old membership, we will honor any perks for your membership tier until October 1st, 2022. After October 1, 2022, only the new membership perks will be honored.