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MySilverSquad Silver Starter Set!

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Purchase your MySilverSquad Silver Starter Set! We do not search these coins, so you very well could receive a variety, such as a DDO, DDR, or low mintage coin!

This set includes the following items:

  1. One 90% Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  2. One 90% Silver Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar
  3. One 40% Silver John F. Kennedy Half Dollar
  4. One 90% Silver George Washington Quarter
  5. One 90% Silver Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime
  6. One 90% Silver Mercury (Winged Liberty) Dime

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the circulated nature of this currency - years, mints, grades, and conditions of these coins will vary. We will ensure that none of your coins are considered "slick," "smooth," or bent.